Register for Covid-19 Vaccination here! Don’t put your life, loved ones to risks of infection


Don’t allow yourself and family to become victims of Covid-19 same way many rejected Vaccination in the olden days during the outbreak of Chicken pox, Measles and other dangerous diseases and wasted their lives out of naivety and conspiracy theories.

Then, the conspiracy theories though out of ignorance was that the whites wanted to take their destinies or convert them to their religions or to control their minds to make them their slaves – All lies.

But then, it was understandable due to absence of civilisation. But now, with education, civilization and exposure, what reasons would any sane person give for rejecting vaccination against a virus that have sent millions to their graves continuously? Absolutely, no sensible reasons.

Don’t be deceived. Covid-19 is real. Don’t allow yourself to become a victim. Do the right thing and leave the rest to God. The vaccination has no ulterior motives other than to protect people from the Covid-19 infections. If Americans can be affected and infected; same on Europeans, Asians and others, it means Nigerians can be infected, thus, it is real. Don’t use your live for an ugly experiment.

The vaccination is free-of-charge as the government takes up the responsibility to ensure that citizens are protected from the deadly virus. But registration is compulsory.

Professor Yemi Osinbajo was a Pastor until he assumed office as Nigeria’s Vice President. And he has taken the vaccination alongside with President Muhammadu Buhari.

Don’t put your life and that of your loved ones to a high risk. God protects but we as humans owe ourselves responsibility and duty to ensure we are not infected.

Many health workers including medical doctors outside and within Nigeria have lost their lives in the process of treating infected people. So, don’t add to the figure. Same on some religious leaders. Some pastors have been confirmed dead on Coronavirus.

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