How a Law Degree, others could benefit you in the real estate market?

A law degree can benefit holders in many ways – in all businesses they choose to engage in. In real estate, it is a great advantage as knowledge of Property law or Land Law will come to play when on real estate transactions.

Similarly, a degree in Estate management, Marketing, Business Administration, Engineering or any other discipline can be resourceful in real estate markets when boosted with requisite training. Training is the key alongside integrity.

A real estate broker makes the complex process of buying a home easier to buyers. They broker landed property up for sale or lease to the public, and also handle inspections and negotiations, and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

However, with ethics garnered in the course of studies, a law graduate can overwhelmingly engage in real estate business and broker transactions between property owners and buyers. Nonetheless, all legal aspects must be reserved for a legal practitioner with a Seal accordingly.

But the most interesting thing is that any graduate – a graduate in any discipline can through real estate earn a living, grow financially and become strong and independent if properly trained and dedicated.

Join our real estate group – a consortium of 21 flourishing real estate development companies in Nigeria that operate under a brand with over 60 different estates located in 16 states across Nigeria presently – Southwest, Southeast and South south states including Lagos, Enugu, Port Harcourt, and also Abuja; both for the rich, middle-class and low income earner.

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Register for free requisite training which at the same time launches you into the real estate markets to begin earning incomes – direct and indirect commissions while the training lasts.

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We have 3 types of registrations as a PBO.

(PBO is an acronym for PWAN BUSINESS OWNERS)

The first category is: ASSOCIATE PBO with N1650 ….. to earn 10% COMMISSION on sales only.

The second category is GOLD PBO with: N37,650 to earn …. 15% COMMISSION, and qualify for tickets for Overseas trips (when u sell and merit it), buying of our lands instalmentally. Partaking in raffle draws,once in a while. As a Gold PBO , you will enjoy and have so many incentives, unlike the Associate PBO category.

The third category is; CLASSIC PBO with N52’650 to also earn 15% Commissions on sales. This in addition to all benefits in the other two category puts a PBO in a position to begin instalment payment of at least N15000 payment for your own land, at any location of your choice. A Classic PBO can earn direct and indirect Commissions extensively than Associate and Gold PBOs, and with many other benefits.

In other words, all Classic PBOs are landowners.
To make it clearer, a Classic PBO is one who has paid and registered with;
a). N1,650 for Associate PBO
b). N37,650 for Gold PBO, and;
c). N15,000 as first instalment on your own land at any location.
These three payments come to N52,650 to become a Classic PBO). The benefits are numerous and far outweighs Gold PBO.

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