Start From Your Root By Tiana Owolabi

During my study of the life of Gideon (Judges chapter 6), I just couldn’t get over the change of name that appeared immediately he did something phenomenal and this got me ruminating for days.

There are many lessons embedded in this study in which I will be discussing about one particular aspect and I trust God to touch your heart by Himself. Kindly, follow me as I will be dropping some hit-points.

Please, make sure you read till the end.
Some of us prefer to remain the same way we were in previous years because we are afraid that people will call us names.

We need armies just like Gideon who will rise and change the status quo and be called STATUS CHANGER.

We need giants who will be ready to say “NO” to the immoral happenings in the environment and be called ANTI-IMMORAL AGENTS.
We need teenagers whose focus will be to do what God loves and be ready to make a difference in this generation, so they can be called TEENS WITH A DIFFERENCE.

When God called Gideon out, the first assignment he started was with/from HIS ROOT. He destroyed the idol they were worshipping in his clan (family) and that is also his environment.

As a result of this, he was nicknamed “JERUBAAL”. Kaiiii… You can read Judges 6 for better understanding.

You may need to think about this: What is that impact you need to start making from your root as a teenager?
Is it by taking up the task to intercede for your families, friends, and colleagues?

Is it by sharing the messages that God has given you?
Is it by using your God-given abilities such as singing, writing, praying, speaking etc to voluntarily serve your community?

Some of us need to arise to break the old immoral and indecent culture and arise with a culture to illuminate Christ as light.
I understand that many of us want to notice the big change in the world before they can make a move on what to do but Gideon did not start from there. He started from HIS ROOT.

Start with what you have. Begin to become a STATUS CHANGER, TEENS WITH A DIFFERENCE etc from your ROOT. Start from your family, your church, your school, your contacts on social media etc. Start making that DIFFERENCE now.

I believe what God will do through you. Be Mon-tivated. Thanks for reading through. Let me know if you got value via the comment section.

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