What Is Your Hashtag?

By Tiana Owolabi

If you are a teenager, you need to read this till end.
I know you are already wondering what I meant by “Your Hashtag”. It’s not a new word to some people here on social media.

The use of “Hashtag” such as #writing, #entrepreneur, #fashionenthusiast, is an effective way to be visible and easily noticed by people who are searching for one thing or the other.
People make use of hash tag in searching for different things and thus makes it easier for people to connect with you or what you do.

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But today, my write-up isn’t about social media. It is about YOU.
Kindly, take your time to read the next lines to understand what I meant.
While I was reading the Bible passage for Sunday school- Acts 18:1-26, a particular verse caught my attention. Apostle Big brother Paul was a maker of tents while he was still doing his ministerial assignment, organizing churches etc.
This shows that Brother Paul was known for something(s).

I also read the book of Acts 16:14 about Madam Lydia who was a dealer in purple cloth bit it was noted that she is a worshipper of God.
She was known for something(s).
Now, my question is:
What do you want to be known for? What footprint do you want to leave in the lives of others?

What is your hash tag such that when people see you, it makes it easier for them to connect with you? What do you stand for?
What value do you want to be known for? What abilities are lying dormant in your life that you need to work in order to impact the lives of people around you?
Your abilities, passions, what you love to do are pointers to your hash tag.
Be known as someone who loves God and anything that has to do with God.
Be known for impacting lives and sharing value to people.
Ponder on those questions above as you have a fulfilling week ahead. Be Mon-tivated
Thanks for reading through. Let me if you got value via the comment section.
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