Police uncover fraudsters’ new dimension, nab two for N1.4m fraud

Personnel of the Anambra State Police Command have uncovered a new dimension used by fraudsters to dispossess innocent citizens of their hard earned money through dubious means

These syndicates migrate from one State to the other with same method of defrauding their unsuspecting victims after getting vital information of their victims through bogus links or fake investment adverts on social media platforms.

One of the methods used by these syndicate is to block the phone lines of their victims account for hours, clone it or re-register the number to generate the customer’s pin and thereafter drain all the money in that account within a shortest period of time.

It was in view of the foregoing and in order to stem the tide of these unscrupulous elements that the Command embarked on intensive manhunt of the syndicate which led to the arrest of two suspects namely Dr Madu Ifeanyi aged 50years and Mr Linus Onyekwere aged 60years; all males of Ugonakpanpa ,Onitsha.

Suspects allegedly defrauded one Mr Emmanuel Anamene ‘m’ of Odakpu, Onitsha sum of #1.4Million Naira under false pretense that they have a common wealth loaning program where by you pay #500,000 and gain One Million as interest after a month. The suspects also claimed to have a contracts they executed with “former President Goodluck Jonathan” and the CBN requested them to pay #20 Million Naira before the contract money will be paid to them. They told the suspect to bring another sum of #500,000 as others have done to enable them raise the #20Million needed by CBN to enable them get the money from the Apex bank.

The complainant added that he has so far gave them the sum of #1.4 million since September 2020 and has neither receive any interest nor the principal money he invested and that he has been making several calls to the two suspects till the time of their arrests but they have not been picking his calls,The complainant further alleged that he is aware of many unsuspecting persons have been to the house of the suspects in Onitsha to do similar “investment”oblivious of their fraudulent motives .

It would be recalled that the Command issued similar alert in September 2020 where fraudsters disguised as CBN staff in-charge of all bank transactions which is non existent and place phone calls to their targets whose bio data was downloaded either through Facebook or other social media platforms and then demand from them their date of birth or biometric verification numbers (BVN) in order to gain access to their targets account numbers there by transferring all the money into another account through electronic means.

Consequently,the public who fall victims of such syndicates are enjoined to immediately report at the Police Area Command headquarters, Onitsha to enable the police carry out discreet investigation in order to bring perpetrators to justice. The Command also urged the public to refrain from availling their personal information particularly National Identification Numbers( NIN),date of birth or biometric identification numbers(BVN)in order not to fall victims of these fraudulent practices.

CSP Haruna Mohammed, PPRO Anambra State Police Command,
For -Commissioner of Police Anambra State Police Command.


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