Write The “How” By Tiana Owolabi

By Tiana Owolabi
Happy New Year once again, Famfriends. Today, I am so excited to write to you, being my first inspirational write-up for the year.

Please, kindly grab a seat, relax, and read as you draw some points that will be useful as you go through the year 2021.
As a teenager, I know many of us have our written goals for the year 2021 ranging from the things we want to achieve, habits to drop off or add, values etc.
Permit me to celebrate you for not giving up despite the turmoils of the previous year (old things have passed away… Lol) and for taking the step of faith to set those goals.

Few days ago, I was checking and re-reading my set goals for 2021, then something dropped in my mind and it was as if I was speaking to myself.

It goes like this: Tolu, you had written your goals and you have the target you want to reach on/before the end of the month or before the 1st half of the year, why not write “How” (step-by-step guide) to go about it.

The question is coming to you as well.

How do you want to go about your goals? Setting goals goes beyond writing it on paper. There are other things involved in order to have a goal-smashing year.
Do you want to do an online course? Have you checked the necessary requirements and know if you fit in? What are the next steps you want to take in that area.

Do you want to connect with more people in your field? Who are these people? Will they help you on your journey? Do you want to make the first move to connect with them?

As a teenage writer, do you want to improve your writing skills? What are the necessary steps you need to take? What books do you want to read? Which book do you want to start with? Which coaching/training do you want to undergo? etc

WRITE IT OUT. Write out the strategy. It should be noted that for every goal you want to achieve and the step you want to take (especially if you haven’t taken those steps before), it comes with fear.

Don’t let it scare you. You are bigger than your fear. Feed your fear with FAITH and be ready to be intentional towards setting actionable guides to it and actualizing it.
You can do this. You are made for more.
Be intentional.
Have a goal-smashing year ahead.

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