Are You Intentional?

Last year, I could remember how reluctant I was towards setting new resolutions for the year 2020. I don’t know what actually happened, probably, I felt I have been setting goals yearly and I barely achieved half of those goals (I know manyan relate with this).
I later had to push myself to set RELEVANT goals and of course, they weren’t many. I took my time to set what I really needed to do or achieve before the year ends.
Few days ago, I checked where I wrote my resolutions and I was happy I was able to achieve most of my set-goals, if not all.
Why am I saying this?

Kindly, read the next line.
Today, I want to take us back to memory lane. Reminisce on the stage you were before and the stage you are at the moment.
Sometimes, just a little moment of thoughtful thinking can give us the momentum we need to push or motivate ourselves.
Think about goals you planned to achieve but you couldn’t.

Think about the decision you concluded on but you couldn’t take actions towards it… Think about what hindered you.
A book on Goals by Brian Tracy says “You are where you are now because of the choices you made or refuse to make.” This implies that directly or indirectly, you are a product of your choices.

Some of the goals you made few years ago or permit me to pick the recent one- last year, how intentional were you towards it?
The year 2020 will soon come to an end by God’s grace. What were your resolutions for the year? Despite the series of event that happened in the year, what excuses did you make for yourself or you acted intentionally and push yourself towards your goals?.

Please, 2021 is another year to start your “intentionality journey.”
As the new year is coming, be intentional about your relationship with God.

Be intentional about your growth.
Be intentional about your relationship.
Be intentional about your finances.
Be intentional about your business.

You are made for more.
Thanks for reading through. Let me know if you got value from this write-up via the comment section.

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