What killed Donald Trump’s younger brother?

By Carl Umegboro

PRESIDENT of the United States of America, Donald Trump on Saturday lost his younger brother, Robert Trump to death at the age of 71. May his soul rest in peace and may almighty God give the family the fortitude to bear the great loss.

Human lives are sacred and therefore, the dead must be accorded the respect irrespective of diverse of opinions. Indeed, this is not an ideal time to put up a discourse on controversial issues knowing that the bereaved families are in pains over the loss.  

However, it has become a recurring issue the manner many US citizens have been losing their lives to death since the outburst of the Coronavirus. Many of Trump’s supporters on his approaches to the fight against Covid-19 have passed on and it was silenced.

Could it as a result that Trump made unfounded and speculative accusations to the World Health Organisation, WHO and Centre for Disease Control (CDC) in the US? As a leader, if President Trump after claiming that Chloroquine cures Coronavirus and possibly used one Dr. Stella Immanuel to sell the same dummy to the society, and discovered that people are actually dying of the contagion, courtesy demands he should withdraw his statement to save lives. This is because human lives matter.

Bill Clinton during his tenure as US President showed maturity and gentility by apologizing to Americans over some anomalies traced on him while in White House. That is leadership in action. And as the number one country in the world as US is called, its President should become a model for the developing nations.

As it stands without disclosure of the ailment, many suspect that Robert Trump may have died of the contagion, and President Trump owes the world clarification of what killed Robert. No doubt, the deceased wasn’t a public servant and the family can refuse to disclose his privacy.

But then, as Donald Trump has become excessively controversial in the fight against Covid-19, it will be a moral burden for the family to disclose the ailment in the interest of the public for cautions. To leave it at “undisclosed illness” raises some suspicions. Donald Trump must understand that human lives matter, and cannot become object of politics.

It is absurd for the same Donald Trump that had claimed that the pandemic is a debacle and unreal, and consequently never supported the health bodies in their recommended preventive and precautionary measures particularly use of facemask to be sighted putting it on when going to some exposed places especially hospitals. It suggests Trump can play with human lives for politics.

Published By: EDITOR

CARL UMEGBORO, an Associate of The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (United Kingdom) is a veteran journalist, prolific writer and public affairs analyst. He holds a Bachelor of Laws degree (LLB Hons), among others.. He is a renowned columnist in all national newspapers in Nigeria with aggregately, over 250 articles/titles to his credit, as well as in the Africa Press Reviews, The World NEWS and numerous foreign media including Park Chester Times, New York, USA. Umegboro is also a regular guest-analyst to many TV and radio programme on crucial national issues. He is reachable through: (+234) 08023184542, (+234) 08173184542 OR Email: umegborocarl@gmail.com

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