Tabitha New Life Foundation caps 2021 with street feeding (Photos)

Tabitha New Life Foundation caps 2021 with street feeding (Photos)

By Adunke Olatunji

The common unifying factor connecting every living being is food. Food is so important in that every one needs it to survive because it provides the basis of energy for body system. In an ecosystem, the food chain is an important system that defines on how survival is highly dependent on food substance where a higher animal feeds on the lower ones as food. If food is denied the body, the result is not always palatable.

Most of the social crimes committed were done because someone needs to be satisfied and sure of food on the table in the future. An adage says “when food is taken care of, the problem of poverty is more than half solved”.

It was this concept that brought about the initiative “Just a meal for the season” to Tabitha New Life Foundation. In line with the vision of the founder to take care of widows and widowers by reducing their plight and alleviate their lack. This initiative started last year precisely during the pandemic when people were asked to stay at home without going to work and making money. Then, people were fed at different locations with differs of food items; some cooked and some were distributed raw so that, families can prepare as preferred.

Another edition of this was once again carried out yesterday 22nd December 2021 at the roundabout, Iju ishaga in Ifako Ijaye local government area of Lagos state. Residents, passersby, market women and men, motorists etc trooped out in scores to receive the food item measured and packed in polythene bags, given indiscriminately to everyone that came around the location.

This was done to put smiles on faces of people, provide for their immediate need as a meal can sustain and keep them until the next available meal will come. In addition, at this yuletide, many people are yet to get the food especially grains of rice widely consumed during the season.

Tabitha New Life Foundation is a full fledged non governmental organisation duly register to cater for people irrespective of races, background and ethnic divide. The presence of this organisation and her humanity services are well spread all over the country and beyond Nigeria. The organisation is determined to continue doing this until poverty is considerably reduced and people are empowered to function normally as purposed.

It is on this note the entire board and management of TabithaNewLifeFoundation Calls on individuals, philanthropists, like minds, sponsors, supporters and all well meaning Nigerians to channel their resources and energy towards humanitarian courses which when done, God the rewarder of good deeds will pay back.

The visionary, in person of Ambassador Adunke Olatunji therefore wishes the beneficiaries and her supporters merry


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