School Invasions: NANCES Cries Out, Demands Enhanced Synergy

By Correspondent
The National Association of Nigerian Colleges of Education Students (NANCES) has condemned in strong terms the continuous invasion of schools and abduction of school children by bandits for pecuniary interests in the country.

This was contained in a statement issued by the National President of the group, Mahmud Abubakar in Abuja on Monday stressing that the trauma it puts students into alone doesn’t allow students to concentrate in their studies, instead fear of the unknown.

Abubakar said that it was high time government utilized every resources at its disposal to tackle the menace adding that it portends grievous danger for the country where schools are regularly invaded and innocent students abducted and killed without human pity.

“The situation is pathetic. We can’t explain how school children suddenly became the target of the hoodlums, kidnappers and bandits which is unprecedented in the history of the nation.

“These slain children are human beings and innocently died painfully for doing nothing wrong. Is it a crime to embrace education in Nigeria?

“We have lost many students to bandits and kidnappers, and seemingly, no serious efforts to curtail the menace on ground, instead, security that is meant for the entire nation is being enjoyed by only the privileged elites leaving vulnerable citizens to their fate”, Abubakar stated.

He added that the most shocking episode is hearing that government often negotiates with the abductors rather than bringing them to face the wrath of the law to bring the menace to rapid end.

“More worrisome is the episodes that government always negotiate with the criminals instead of bringing them to face justice which suggests that the criminals are not hidden but known and can be identified.

“Imagine the trauma these innocent children are continuously subjected to by ambushing them at gunpoint by gunmen at such tender ages.

“We as a students’ group expects that by now, all the soldiers in the military barracks, Airforce personnel will complement the conventional Police and invade the evil bushes and forests where the heinous crimes are committed on daily basis.

“It must be noted that the activities of kidnappers, abductors and bandits may cripple education in the country if no corresponding actions are taken in no distant time” the national president cautioned.

He recalled that recently, a sitting governor, Nasir el-Rufai who distinguished himself and showed exemplary leadership by enrolling his children in public schools as expected have withdrawn them for safety considering that they will be the targets of the crooks.

The group also commended the Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu on his relentless efforts to take education to the next level, but regretted that the activities of the criminals may make all his positive innovations counterproductive if state of emergency is not declared on security in the nation soon.

The group called on President Muhammadu Buhari to use every possible means to counter the activities of the criminals who are bent on making his administration unproductive and the society ungovernable despite his robust policies.

It will be recalled that in addition to numerous abduction of school children in the country, the Emir of Kajuru, Alhaji Alhassan Adamu, palace aides alongside his family members totaling 10 persons were abducted by gunmen recently in Kajuru in Kaduna state. According to reports, those abducted included three women, two of the Emir’s grandchildren and three aides. END

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