Open Letter to Pastor E. A. Adeboye (G/O, RCCG), Others


By Witness Kenpaul Obieke

Sir, with Jesus love I bring you greetings. Few weeks ago, I received a ministration to write you this open letter. The letter was started but along the line, I stopped. God is my witness. My reason for delaying was to give you more time to get over the demise of your son. May the Almighty God strengthen you together with the family. While waiting to give you sometime in my human reasoning before sending you this letter something happened. An elder in your church RCCG, had a spiritual experience concerning you and narrated it to me. This had to prompt me to do this needful without anymore waiting. No one knows what follows but we pray for God’s mercy for you to get it right. Before I continue with this letter, let me share with you the brother’s spiritual experience message to you. Here it is sir exactly as the brother sent it to me. With due respect but in obedience to the heavenly vision this is done in love.

“On 1st June 2021, at about 4:30am to 5am, I had a very vivid revelation that startled me. I saw myself with Daddy EA Adeboye, General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG. He was standing in open place with few persons when I met him. I greeted him with reverence and he responded politely. I passed message to him as I was receiving it. The message was : ” Change some of the things you do and do them better.”

“Your International Sword is being turned into Kitchen Knife ” As I was delivering the message a long, dull look Sword and a small Kitchen Knife appeared before us. I started repeating the message to him aloud, ” Your International Sword is being turned into a Kitchen Knife,” over and over till I woke up from sleep.
I fell asleep again and went back to the same encounter. But this time he was not in sight. I was shouting louder, ” Your International Sword is being turned into Kitchen Knife, please who will help me to tell him that his International Sword is being turned into Kitchen Knife” This time, I was in a state of asleep and half awake or trance, and physically rolling on my bed, still shouting again and again, who will help to tell him, ” Your International Sword is being turned into Kitchen Knife” till I finally woke up. This encounter has troubled me and I don’t know the meaning or what to do. I finally decided to share it with my father in the Lord, Witness Kenpaul Obieke, for his help and counsel. May the Living Lord Jesus CHRIST help us to pass the message to the G.O, as He intended. SHALOM.”

Sir, I will not explain fully this message to you. You are arguably the the biggest minister in Nigeria, Africa and one of the biggest in the world. This is in the contest of influence and affluence even otherwise. You have the platform to bring revival to the entire world. RCCG is everywhere. The church that Christ purchased with His precious blood has lost track all over the world and Jesus is coming soon. People are now getting lost in the church because a lost church cannot save the lost. The Gospel of transformation that turns sinners to saints is lost. It is now about earthly acquisitions and abandoning of souls that Christ went to the Cross and died for. Christ used whip to send the money changers and dove sellers out of His Father’s House. He asked them why they were turning His Father’s House, a place of prayer or communication with God to Den of Thieves or Robbers? Today, souls-robbers are everywhere in the churches in the name of Jesus. Sir, people are backsliding comfortably in the church and the altars are full of vomits. Jesus is weeping! Heaven as focus is lost completely and Jesus is no more Lord. I hear Him weeping as I write. Sir, you have been given what it takes to stare up genuine revival to refocus the lost church. To whom much is given, much is expected and have greater judgement. In humility, go to God in prayers and verify this message for your good and many others. It will help a lot. Your wonderful son who also is a pastor suddenly passed on in his sleep without any underlining illness. The church is asleep and need awakening before the judgement of God fully begins. Some useless sycophants might not understand the sincerity in passing this message of the time. Sir don’t miss to do the needful. Let messages be changed and the corrections be made. Heaven will celebrate you if you can do this. Eternity is too long to be wrong and seeing insanity as prosperity is most dangerous.

To every minister and all those still on the Lord’s side, let’s wake up. Ask yourself, what we are preaching is it what the apostles preached? We are asked to contend for the faith not fake once delivered to the disciples. Are we fighting the good fight of faith in refusing the Gospel from being watered down and the church becoming a place of entertainment and social gatherings? If the pulpit has fallen inside the pit, what will the pew do? It is now becoming normal to hear unbelievable sexual scandals among pastors who commit atrocities and still accepted by foolish and blind followers under deception. What will an immoral pastor preach and under which influence of which spirit? Pastors that are prophesying under familiar spirits and doing lying wonders are rejected by Christ no matter what. “I never knew you depart from Me you that work iniquities” awaits them while you are celebrating their falsehood. This means you will end with them if you don’t take your time. Jesus saw this generation and described it as sheep without Shepherd because they were scattered. The Lord is asking “who will help Me tell him?”. Will you help Jesus tell not only him but all ministers of the Gospel and their followers? Will you make it as a point of duty to the Lord to circulate this message in the spirit of love for change? This is not antagonistic but heavenly realistic. Drastic judgement is coming upon the modern church. Few days ago, I was informed that a 14years old daughter of an RCCG church pastor committed suicide. The most annoying thing was that pastors were telling the congregation that the girl is in Heaven. What spirit are they passing on to such congregation with such wicked deception to cover up their negligence? How can someone go to Heaven by committing suicide?

How did the church get to this point? Even some people preaching holiness are using it to deceive people as the highest height of deceit is the era now. How can the signs of Christ coming be all over the world and the modern church is behaving as if Jesus lied about His coming? No urgency even when Heaven has declared state of emergency? You hardly point at one person among fifty people that are ready for Rapture in true holiness and righteousness. The Christians are taken over by competition and earthly show off of things without eternal value that cannot be traced to Christ and His disciples. An article was sent to me about the richest pastor in the world coming from Africa. How can the richest pastor come from Africa which is poor if not that something is terribly wrong? It was is a mockery of Africa and the church but fools will celebrate such folly.

“Who will help Me to tell him that his international sword is being turned into kitchen knife.” This is the cry of the Lord. Thank God He didn’t say it has been but is being turned into kitchen knife. Sword is for war, also authority among other things. Kitchen is the place of the stomach ministry. Kitchen is a place meant for the belly. The Bible says wow to him whose sword is not wet with blood. In a time of war, rather than being at the war front you are in the kitchen using the sword for kitchen affairs? Is that not worse than the ministry of Balaam who God had to speak to through an ass? Father, have mercy on us and put us back on track now. Set us ablaze on fire again. The world has swallowed the modern church. Our women come to church with open breast to breastfeed people with lusts and seduce them to hellfire while our pastors admire it. Skimpy dresses that prostitutes will be ashamed to wear to the club shows how up to date our churches are. Satan shame unto you. It is hard to point out of the church people who are not slaves to sexual immoralities in the church now from pulpit to the pew. I am not condemning or judging but the sword must not be turned to kitchen knife, never! Let us preach the Word of Salvation not starvation.

Let’s stop starving the Holy Spirit the right words to use and convict sinners rather than massaging their ego to eternal damnation with motivational speaking and prosperity nonsense. What and what are you leaving this earth with except the souls you have helped to be saved from sin to righteousness through Christ? We have pastors and general overseers, so popular but not born again. If you access any minister by miracles and prophecies you will never make Heaven. The Bible says this: 1 Timothy 5:17. “Let the elders that rule well be counted worthy of double honour, especially they who labour in the word and doctrine.” Only by this can a true minister be accessed by God’s standard not magic. We are in the time when people will not want sound doctrine but heap up for themselves ear-scratchers. 2 Timothy chapters 4 and 2 Timothy 3, gives us insight of this truth but we are charged to preach the Gospel not empty gossip in season and out of season. This is how to know genuine ministers not abracadabra ministers or exhibiting of worldly acquisition which Christ never called for. Can you be richer than the world in worldliness? If you fail it here by celebrating ministers because of these things without eternal value, you are finished and will never see Christ in eternity. World peace is deceitful antichrist agenda as revealed in the Bible clearly. Pastor Adeboye has all it takes to bring revival to the church. New world order is satanic agenda. It was a pity seeing him pursuing that which Christ never planned or purposed. He probably was doing that with good intention but not all good intentions are God’s intention.

In delivery of this message, I have not in anyway intended to disrespect Pastor E.A Adeboye in any form at all. I love him dearly with the love of God and this is one of the best ways to show true love. Hailers will hail you to hell. Sycophants and oh yes members are the worst people to allow around you. Everyone should see this as love letter to him and all of us except you are of the devil. A watchman has one duty to warn which the out come of failing to warn is spelt out by God in Ezekiel chapters 33 and 3. Even in Acts 20, Paul sounded it in another way.

The present day church has missed it totally. Repentance from sin which was the heart of the Gospel is lost.
The best of men is still a man. Let’s pray for the pastors that the Father of glory will restore and revive all of us. Years back when I was hesitant about this assignment to sanitize the church and prepare for Christ a holy Bride that He will be proud of, Jesus appeared to me and flogged me thrice before cuddling me back. I do not look at faces in delivering thus says the Lord anymore. You can keep anything you think you have to give me and go to hell with it. I have Jesus forever. The Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me one unforgettable afternoon while I was sitting in the room and said “the devil will tempt you in My form, be careful.” After saying this He turned into identical two which you cannot differentiate except by the discerning of the Holy Spirit. This is where the modern church is presently, the highest height of deceit. A time when the devil will be transformed to be like Jesus to deceive even the elect. 11 Corinthians 11:13-15. Another jesus is on the rampage with another gospel and another spirit now. Discourage sin, it is rebelion against God which He hates. Dancing with enticing movements in the church is not praise and worship. We are not called to preach enticing words of man’s wisdom but the engrafted word of eternal life. Where has the power of God gone to in today’s churches? The Holy Ghost has been caged and unholy ghost is at work. We must get the remnant ready now. Those shamelessly celebrating thieves and false prophets and false apostles are in trouble because you are their strength. Your Christianity begins when you are ready to die so you can live. You cannot enjoy Christ death for you without your ‘death’ for Him. Calling good evil and evil good can’t be of God and it is what is going on in most places.

Witness Kenpaul Obieke

Living Jesus is cleaning up His church again. Go back to the Cross! Stop holding falsehood in high esteem. Look for Jesus as your Answer. Be careful! This letter should be shared to get to Pastor E.A Adeboye (RCCG), all ministers and Christians urgently as a duty to God in love. I made a mistake some years ago when I was warned to warn late Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa, I didn’t because of what people will say. But now I am more matured and knows that it is better to fear God than man. Please, if you still belong to Christ, say a word of prayer that God will use this as a weapon for genuine repentance and revival in the body of Christ. Shalom!

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