‘Let’s kill all security personnel; police, civil defence, army – raze all police stations, govt facilities’

Before arriving at the decision to kill all security personnel; policemen, civil defence, soldiers, DSS on sight at random, set ablaze all police stations, and destroy government facilities, have you pondered on these facts;

That every policeman, soldier and security personnel you see on duty is someone’s son or daughter, sibling, spouse, parent or relative? Have you ever thought about it that security personnel all come from families, villages, towns like any other citizens including you, but joined the security unit for safeguarding the society as livelihoods, and therefore not enthusiastically supporters of any particular government in power?

Have you ever thought about it that for any bad news that …so so and so police, army, Air Force, DSS, Civil Defence officers were killed somewhere, that their families; mostly civilians and relatives are put in pains, mourning and agony?

Have you ever thought about it that these policemen and security personnel are breadwinners taking care of their respective families, and loved by their families, and therefore will be missed on account of their untimely deaths deliberately perpetrated by some persons, and sadly with no justified cause?

Have you also bothered to know that the security personnel that are killed on daily basis and treated as nothing happened, and in some occasions set ablaze as retaliation to the government in power were possibly passing through tough times and lamenting the same way you do, thus could be on your side if such opportunity occurs?

Have you also asked yourself what will be your fate any day you may be in a dire and urgent need of security personnel for your safety, and desire police, civil defence etc for protection, but told that no personnel is available because the stations they operate from are no longer in existence or the vehicles to move around had been burnt by some people?

Have you also bothered to ask yourself what will happen to the Police stations, INEC offices, vehicles destroyed and set ablaze? Of course, the answer is; government will spend another public funds to put them back, which could be used for other important social amenities.

Have you also bothered to note that by sponsoring, participating or spearheading civil unrests, jailbreaks and other extremisms, you’re not only putting the entire space to hazards but also putting yourself to the same ugly situations?

The above imply that killing of policemen, NSCDC (Civil Defence), soldiers and other security personnel, destroying outposts, stations, operations vehicles and other government facilities are ill-advised. Whether they are politically-motivated, selfish interests or for retaliation or whatever purpose, let’s stop these extremisms! Your community may some day be in dire need of security personnel for protection.

It must also be noted that killing of security personnel can’t reduce the tenure of a democratically elected government or administration. The Constitution clearly listed how elected public officeholders will vacate office, and sadly, current President, Muhammadu Buhari has only two years to be in office as Nigeria’s president. As the National Assembly has put machinery in place toward amendments of the 1999 Constitution, it is necessary that peace is given a chance. There is no justification for killing fellow human beings at all.

Before now, the northern states and lately, southeast geopolitical zone (hitherto most peaceful zone) are speedily becoming no-go areas. If it is not kidnapping, banditry, killing of their victims including children or helpless farmers in the north, it will be killing of security personnel and razing of government facilities including INEC offices, courts and police stations or attacks on the Custodial centres in the southeast. How southeast suddenly measure in the extremists acts despite great economic activities in their zone that will suffer if not checked is still shocking.

Who is Police? Police is the first body the public approach in case any crime or wrong is done against them, and are responsible for the maintenance of public order and peace.

Police is the function of that branch of the administrative machinery of government which is charged with the preservation of public order and tranquility, the promotion of the public health, safety, and morals, and the prevention, detection, and punishment of crimes.

The police Act, 1861 is an important statute which highlights the functions and powers of police officers.

“The role and functions of the police are:

  • to uphold and enforce the law impartially, and to protect life, liberty, property, human rights, and dignity of the members of the public;
    to promote and preserve public order;
  • to protect internal security, to prevent and control terrorist activities, breaches of communal harmony, militant activities and other situations affecting Internal Security;
  • to protect public properties including roads, railways, bridges, vital installations and establishments etc. against acts of vandalism, violence or any kind of attack;
  • to prevent crimes, and reduce the opportunities for the commission of crimes through their own preventive action and measures as well as by aiding and cooperating with other relevant agencies in implementing due measures for prevention of crimes;
  • to accurately register all complaints brought to them by a complainant or his representative, in person or received by post, e-mail or other means, and take prompt follow-up action thereon, after duly acknowledging the receipt of the complaint;
  • to register and investigate all cognizable offences coming to their notice through such complaints or otherwise, duly supplying a copy of the First Information Report to the complainant, and where appropriate, to apprehend the offenders, and extend requisite assistance in the prosecution of offenders;
  • to create and maintain a feeling of security in the community, and as far as possible prevent conflicts and promote amity;
  • to provide, as first responders, all possible help to people in situations arising out of natural or man-made disasters, and to provide active assistance to other agencies in relief and rehabilitation measures; to aid individual, who are in danger of physical harm to their person or property , and to provide necessary help and afford relief to people in distress situations;
    to facilitate orderly movement of people and vehicles, and to control and regulate traffic on roads and highways;
  • to collect intelligence relating to matters affecting public peace, and all kind of crimes including social offences, communalism, extremism, terrorism and other matters relating to national security, and disseminate the same to all concerned agencies, besides acting, as appropriate on it themselves.

Published By: EDITOR

CARL UMEGBORO, an Associate of The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (United Kingdom) is a veteran journalist, prolific writer and public affairs analyst. He holds a Bachelor of Laws degree (LLB Hons), among others.. He is a renowned columnist in all national newspapers in Nigeria with aggregately, over 250 articles/titles to his credit, as well as in the Africa Press Reviews, The World NEWS and numerous foreign media including Park Chester Times, New York, USA. Umegboro is also a regular guest-analyst to many TV and radio programme on crucial national issues. He is reachable through: (+234) 08023184542, (+234) 08173184542 OR Email: umegborocarl@gmail.com

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