Scale up to make a difference

By Tiana Owolabi
Before I dive into what the topic is all about, permit me to drop a question for you as you continue the reading of this write-up.
And the question is:
What will make a different You in 2021?
What exactly is going to differentiate “The You” in 2020 and “The You” in 2021?
Ponder on this as you read…
The difference between “The You” that people know now and “The You” that we will know in 3months, 5months, 7months, 1 year time, will be:
The knowledge you have acquired and applied in your life;
The skills you have added up;
The trainings you have undergone etc and of course, the result is showing forth in the way you act.

Make this year a year of intentionality by scaling up with a skill or more skills relevant to your field.

To every skills, knowledge, trainings etc, that you have acquired or undergone, TAKE A STEP FURTHER.

Don’t just sit and be counting the number of certificates you have acquired or the numbers of trainings you have attended or the number of people you have connected with.

How much of value have you gained?
How has the connection brought value to you?
How have you maximized that opportunity of connecting with people relevant to your field?
How much of the knowledge have you applied?

At this junction, you need to be sincere with yourself if you really want this year to be different from the previous ones.
Scale up with a skill. Scale up to make a difference.
You are made for more. Thanks for reading through. I hope you got value from this. Kindly, let me know via the comment section.
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