Pride Goes Before A Fall

Once upon a time, in the village of MBAISE, there lived a girl named Ugoma. She was a very beautiful girl, in fact no one was as beautiful as her. But there was one attribute she lacked and the attribute was respect. She had no respect for anyone.

People usually said she was over pampered by her father who was a renowned farmer. He usually gave her all that she needed . The only thing she could do was to wake up in the morning, eat and sleep. At 20 years of age she couldn’t do the simplest house chore. She had to repeat her Basic 5, JSS 3 and SSS 3 two different times. At the time she was to do her NYSC service she was close to thirty years of age.Her father bribed some officials to let her skip NYSC and she skipped.

After she had abandoned her NYSC, she was to get married, her father told her that she was getting old, one afternoon when he was outside.
“Ugoma my daughter” he said . “You know you are getting old , I want you to marry as fast as possible so that you won’t reach the menopause age so as not to stop giving birth before marrying”he said.
“Hmm papa I know but don’t you think I am too expensive for the men in this village” she said proudly with her hands akimbo. I can’t marry here now. I would rather go to the city to marry” she said.

“Ugoma,I know what you are saying but remember that charity begins at home, you remember, but if you don’t want to marry here at least try two or three suitors here before going to marry any where of your choice”he said.
“OK papa if you insist I will but not more than two people” she said.”You have spoken well my daughter they will not be more than two”he sai

“Thank you papa that is why I love you” she said hugging her father.

On the D-day, ugoma’s father invited two men one old and one young.When they arrived at their home, Ugoma father went inside to tell Ugoma that her suitors have come”Ugoma he said”your suitors have come ,dress up and go out to meet them.
“Ok papa i hope the men are okay” she said taking the best outfit she had to wear.”My daughter,just be fast and come meet us in the palour” he said.
Ugoma hurriedly dressed up, wore her best at tire’s and wore adorned beads. When she came out she was shocked at what she saw.
”Eee eh ,papa she said ”where is the person that wants to marry me.”I hope its not these two goats sitting down here”she said angrily and disappointed 😡😡.
“Ugoma, don’t you have respect for……
“Please spare me that ”she said cutting i
The men were surprised, each of them didn’t know what to say they just sat there staring,each thinking in their mind if really they would marry her.
In fact dad for that, I am leaving for the city now” she said, then she packed her load and zoomed out of the house.

The men were now more surprised than ever but they couldn’t express their feelings.
“My sons please bear with me,i try my best to train her everyday but she seems to worsen day by day”he said bitterly.
“I know sir but if she comes tell her that Ngoma still loves her” one of the men said. After that, the men both stepped out.
Meanwhile Ugoma’s mother had been listening from the backyard and she was disappointed by her daughter’s behaviour

Back at the city Ugoma was passing on the road to go to her aunty’s house then she met a man in a black Pajero jeep he was tall, dark and handsome. Meanwhile he was a very good friend of her aunt where she was going, they started talking and another chapter of her life began.
“Hello how are you”the man said to her.
“Yes hello what can i do for you please” she said starting to have a feeling for him.
“No, nothing i just want to ask if i can give you a lift,where are you going? he said shyly.
”hmm I am going to No7 Oworosonki in Lagos “she said.

“Wow that’s nice that is where i am going too,my friend live” he said surprised.
”That your friend will be my aunt, my aunt lives there and since it is not a rented apartment it would be her” she said
“Ok then come in”and she stepped into the car and off they went,when they finally got to her house her aunt was so much excited to see her niece she hugged her and they all went inside, ate and started talking.
“My daughter i am so happy to see you ,how is my sister is everyone okay and you my friend Gbemi how are you and i will always ring it as a bell to you get married soon”She said overexcited.
“They are all fine ma” she said.
”I will marry ma and i have even seen the person ”he said
“Ok oooh i hope to meet the person soon” she said.

And they all went to bed the next morning Gbemi invited Ugoma to his house and he proposed to her, she was so happy and she quickly ran home to tell her aunt her aunt was happy for them she gave them all her best wishes. So Gbemi said they have to go see his father in her village and they went.
When they got to his father’s house,his father was sitting outside he quickly went there prostrated and greeted him. When she saw him she was so shocked because it was the same man that had come to her house to marry her and that she abused but she kept her cool.
“Gbemi my son how are you and who is that there “he said pointing to Ugo.
”Papa i am fine and that is Ugoma there the girl i want to marry i have even proposed to her”he said.
”Noooo you cant marry her “and he explained everything to him .
Ugoma was short of words she regretted her bad behaviours and she begged him but it was already too late.

By Oluwatobiloba Olatunji, JSS-1, Flostev Comprehensive College

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