You have No Excuse to be Lazy (2)

By Tiana Owolabi

Last week, I posted a write-up about this particular topic and more ideas have been dropping in my mind on this same topic.

I could remember that one of the hit-points then was “Don’t wait till when you have a platform to fully express your potentials.”

That’s absolutely correct and as a result of this, kindly permit me to draw your attention to the story of Joseph from the scriptures.

Without a doubt, Deep inspirations are birthed from the Word of God (If you don’t know, this is one of my secrets).

So, let’s digress

Joseph didn’t wait till when there was a bigger platform (like the opportunity he had with the king when the cup-bearer remembered him).

He ministered to his mate in the prison. He used them as a platform to deliver the gifts he has birthed.

He never allowed the circumstances around him to withhold him from using the gifts that God has given unto him.

Infact, he started from the PRISON.


I pray for you today that “A need will arise that will call for your help and it will be a stepping stone to your greatness by God’s grace.

You may need to ponder on these few points below:

Those around you can be your first platform to exercise what God has given unto you.

Your roommates, colleagues in school, childhood friends can be those that God is pointing your eyes to reach out to before He takes you to another platform.

Do you now realize that there is no excuse to be idle without maximizing what God has given unto you?.

Dear teenagers, this is a call out for you to:

Arise and use your potentials.

Make use of what you have.

Realize that those around you can be your first platform.

Act and stop being lazy.

Impact lives through your potentials.

Thanks for reading through. I hope you got value from this and you are ready to act on what have been learnt.

Have a productive week ahead, Winners.

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