Down but not Dead

By Adunke Olatunji

One of the ways we live to justify and fulfil purpose is the ability to measure the depth and extents we stretch in the course of achieving success. The valleys of shadows of death we passed through, the hope that beacon on us, the love that sustained us each time progress is denied are some of the innumerable considerations.

 But, because the inert ability and assurance of accomplishing the set goals does not wane is a great encouragement for success.

Life is a complete package – full of good and bad. If you have not experienced both it is not yet worthwhile. Sooner than later, situations will convey the other side your way.

Nevertheless, the hope of relief we get is no condition is permanent. The tough time will certainly gives way to time of ease and enjoyable harvest.

Have you ever felt like such a failure that any direction you’d turn you’d still feel trapped? Guess what? It’s not as bad as it looks. Often when faced with overwhelming difficulty we feel like we’re in a dead end, but truth is that no one is ever out of moves. Even a dead end still has one way out – the way you came in through.

Do you have days when you feel “Broken” by hopelessness, conditional love, loneliness, depression, fear, pain or even death of loved one? Are you feeling emotionally crippled, worthless, abused, abandoned, unloved, dejected or controlled? Although you may feel “Broken”, you are not shattered! God loves you and wants to take care of you. Having Faith to “Let go and Let God” can change you to be a strong, beautiful and beloved creation of God filled with peace and purpose.

The vision of “Broken but not Shattered” came to me in the middle of the night. The Holy Spirit helped me through a time when I felt “Broken” by so many things going on in my own life. God gave me the hope, faith and love that I needed when I felt beyond shattered. This image is a daily reminder that when I let go and “LET GOD,” I feel loved, beautiful, and confidant. I know that God has a purpose for me and when I may feel “Broken”, I am most definitely NOT Shattered, and neither are you!

We often don’t see it coming. It could be a health crisis, loss of a loved one, an employment shake-up, betrayal, or some form of persecution. Or maybe it’s something we’re aware of, something we thought was mild or temporary, but it “hits” when it morphs from hill to mountain.

The question is not whether we will find ourselves in a battle, but when. “Count it all joy, my brothers.

Do you feel struck down today? Hold on to the promise and truth that you are not destroyed. You are not stuck in a dead end. Even when we are out of strength and strategy, God will make a way for us to experience liberation from these momentary afflictions.

Olatunji is President, Tabitha New Life Foundation

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