The day my classmate brought me into the spotlight (Part 2)

Tiana Owolabi

DID you read ‘Part one’ of this story?… If you haven’t, you might need to read it because this is a continuation… Let’s continue from where I stopped yesterday.

I represented my secondary school among other secondary schools in Lagos State and guess what happened…

Yea… I came third position and I was given an award and cash prize (Isn’t that interesting?…. Don’t bother to ask me about the money o…  It has been spent years ago).

Hello Champions,

I have a question for you?

WHAT CAN YOU DO? I never knew the head-girl had noticed me in class and an opportunity came for me, she spoke on my behalf.


Use your abilities to help others. You never know that little help that you rendered can be a pointer to one of your greatest achievements in life….

Note: I am not saying you should teach others during exam. I’m not a fan of exam malpractice. It is wrong.

Can you WRITE, SING, DRAW, COOK, SOLVE QUESTIONS etc?  Begin to use it to impact lives. You are not too small to start impacting our world. The World needs you.

I believe if we can channel our abilities rightly, the world will be a better place.

Okay, let’s do a little assignment…. Pick a book and pen.

Write a list of things you love to do? E.g singing, writing etc.

Pick the best 5 out of the list and arrange them orderly according to the one you love most.

Pick the first on the list and think of how you can develop the talent/gift so that you can be able to impact lives through. I’m sure the talent might be connected to one another.

If you need help on what I have said so far, I am willing and ready to help you. You can send the list to my inbox so we can work through it together.

MY LIGHT MUST SHINE…  What about you? You may need to personalize this affirmation.

Thanks for reading.

Feel free to share, drop your contributions and questions in the comment section or my inbox.

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2 thoughts on “The day my classmate brought me into the spotlight (Part 2)

  1. Ige Adedolapo says:

    What do you know how to do? Discover your gifts and talents and start utilizing them. Thanks.

    1. Tiana Owolabi says:

      Thanks so much for this contribution, Sis. I really appreciate.


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