How I fixed my eyes on ‘Ten’ By Tiana Owolabi

I GUESS you are wondering how possible it could be. Yes, I did. Read the next line carefully to understand “how”.

When I was around 8 and 9 years old, I have always wanted to reach the age of 10. I don’t know if there was something attached or there was something in it for me.

Yes, some of my classmates in JSS1 had clocked 10years and above already and I wondered when I would be 10years old.

I just had this unexplainable feelings that there is a difference between a 1digit age number (which is called unit) and a 2digits number (the combination of tens and unit).  (don’t mind me…. It’s mathematics)

The biggest truth is that 9 and 10 are numbers. That’s the similarities.

I clocked “10” and it was just like a normal year.

This is where I am going:

Whether you are 9, 10, 11, 12….19 years, learn to APPRECIATE God because it is a privilege to be at that stage that you are. Can you just take a moment now to say “Lord, I’m grateful”

I guess you have done that already. Okay, let’s move on….

It’s good to desire to get to another stage in life but check your motives. Hope it isn’t because “your mates are there already” or “you are comparing yourself with them”.

You are on pants today, doesn’t mean the day of boxers won’t come. (Gbam…) It’s a matter of TIME.

Dear Friends,

Accept your uniqueness.

Love yourself for who you are.

The fact that you are 10, 11, 12years or more means there is a lot you can achieve with time.

Can you just tap yourself or the brother/sister beside you and say “e calm down nau, stop comparing yourself” (calm down).

Give yourself that big hug that you have never given yourself and take a step to start loving and accepting who you are.


When you accept and love yourself, people will learn to respect and appreciate you for who you are.

I hope this helps you?.


Have you ever been at a crossroad without knowing what to do?…  I have been there before. Certain steps need to be taken so that one wouldn’t make mistakes.

There are stages in our lives when we have to make choices that will make lasting impact. There is need for us to make right choices at every point in our lives.

When I was in JSS3 and it was time for us to make the decision of being in either Science, Commercial or Art class when we cross to SS1.

For anyone who wants to become a doctor, nurse or medical laboratory scientist etc, Science class is the best option.

For anyone who wants to become a banker or accountant etc, Commercial class is the best option.

For anyone who wants to become a teacher or mass communicator etc, Art class is the best option.

Those were the popular career work you would hear then unlike now, there are many career one can venture into even if they are not relevant to your field of study but one has to gain KNOWLEDGE in that area.

Let me not digress… Let’s continue

I was good in both business studies and integrated science (it is called basic science now). That’s the number one issue that was affecting my choice.

Our business studies teacher was our class teacher then and she likes me, so she would have loved that I chose to be in a commercial class.

I was so confused without knowing what to do. I had to think and re-think on what I really want before making the choice to be a Science student.

What lessons do I want us to pick from this exactly?….. Read the next line

Dear Friends,

Making choices cut across every aspect of our lives but basically, I’m talking about making choices of who you really want to become.

For those of us that are already in the process of becoming, you can still pick some lessons too.

When making choices or you are at a crossroad not knowing what to do, you can do the following:

Put it in prayers to God. He has the blueprint of your life. He knows what you will become in life.

Don’t rush in making decisions. Wait patiently and think thoroughly.

Ask yourself some questions:

What do I really want to become?

Can I give it all that it takes?

Will I be able to cope if I chose this or the other one?

Find out about that particular choice you want to make. Look for those in that career path already and ask them questions that are bothering you.

Lastly, don’t choose because your friends are also choosing it. I’m not saying your friends are not making good choices or you can’t become something they also want to become.

I’m only saying that you should “Choose based on what you really love to do”.

Know what you want for yourself and do what is right.

I believe in your greatness. You are uniquely unique.

I hope this helps you…

Feel free to like, share and drop your experiences as well if you have gone through teenagehood. We are ready to learn from you as well.

Thanks for reading through. You are AMAZING.

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32 thoughts on “How I fixed my eyes on ‘Ten’ By Tiana Owolabi

    1. Tiana Owolabi says:

      Thanks for the honour to share my story here, ma. God bless you for reading.

  1. Samuel Oyewale says:

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful piece, though myself, I never took note of my age until I was 18, and the first time I remembered someone sang the song happy birthday was when I was 21, thank God I was in the boarding house, guess that was where I was at to build myself with with help of my friends from all states of the nation. As teenagers were are not really privileged in our national Nigeria, our parents sometimes ago do not expose us to the reality that we need to know, they would never allow us to share out opinions at home and as such it kills us within and it makes us timid when we get out there.
    Let make a change, the voice of the teenager count, let’s always hear them out, it boost our morals and it makes us stand out when we are out there. Let’s be heard in the house, let’s discuss with you, listen to our rubish and correct us in love, this is the most effective way of building us up.
    Thanks Tolulope Owowlabi for sharing, God bless you.

    1. Tiana Owolabi says:

      Thanks for this awesome contribution, dear. God bless you.

  2. Ige Adedolapo says:

    Yes, in making choices we must put God first and make our decisions based on what we really want not what others want for us. Thanks, Tolu for this awesome write up

    1. Tiana Owolabi says:

      Thanks for this awesome contribution, Sis. God bless you.

    1. Tiana Owolabi says:

      I’m glad you got value. Thanks for reading, dear.

    1. Tiana Owolabi says:

      Thanks for reading through, dear. I really appreciate.

  3. Damilola kadelu says:

    Thanks for sharing Tolu, this is really inspiring.
    Looking forward to more of it🌹🌹

    1. Tiana Owolabi says:

      I’m glad you found it inspiring. Thanks for reading, Sis

  4. Ojerinde Tolulope Christianah says:

    Thanks for sharing @Owolabi Tolulope, this is so inspiring, more wisdom and Inspiration in Jesus Name

    1. Tiana Owolabi says:

      Amen to the prayers. Thanks for reading through, bro.

    1. Tiana Owolabi says:

      I’m glad you found it inspiring. God bless you, Sis.

  5. Samuel Viavonu says:

    This is an educating and inspiring experience. Thank you so much Tolu for sharing.

    When we learn to discover, focus and cherish who we really are, it helps us out of self comparison and making wrong choices.

    Thank you once again.

    I celebrate you sister.

    1. Tiana Owolabi says:

      Wow…. That’s an awesome contribution. Thanks for reading, bro.

    1. Tiana Owolabi says:

      Olubukkie, Amen to the prayers. Thanks for reading, bro.

  6. Omotoye Anike Rachael says:

    We should be grateful to God always and We should not compare ourselves with others. We are all embodiments of Success and we shall reign and shine. It is just a matter of time.
    Inspiring piece!
    Thanks a lot @Tiana Owolabi.
    God bless you richly, Amen.

    1. Tiana Owolabi says:

      Thanks for this awesome contribution, ma. You are made for more, Sis.

    1. Tiana Owolabi says:

      I’m glad you got value, ma’am. Thanks for reading. God bless you


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