Building a career in the Legal Profession by Prof. Abiodun Amuda-Kannike, SAN

A Paper Presentation by Prof. Abiodun Amuda-Kannike, SAN, Provost, College  Of Law, Kwara State University, Malete Via Ilorin, Kwara State, at the seminar organized by the Nigerian Bar Association, Kano Branch, Young Lawyers Forum, on Thursday 13th day of December, 2018.

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The topic in this presentation is a unique one, as it has to do with career in the legal profession which most Lawyers generally and most especially the young Lawyers will be interested to benefit from.
It is however important to understand that the legal profession is not just any profession but an important profession with its own special uniqueness such as language, attitudes, dress code, and other activities which makes it the first and best profession among all the professions in the world.[1]
It is not out of place to define this two key words which forms the pillars of this presentation and they are;
i.      Career
ii.     Legal Profession.
The word “Career” has been defined as; an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress. This definition is in noun and the synonyms are; profession, occupation and vocation.[2]
The word “career” has also been described by virtue of being a “verb” and connoting “to move swiftly and in an uncontrolled way” such as saying “the coach careered across the road and net through a hedge”.[3]
The word “career” as described by virtue of being “a noun” is our concern for the purpose of this presentation.[4]
The word “Legal-Profession” on the other hand in its own case, means, an occupation where a person has gone through some form of training in learning the Law and he act for members of the society by way of enforcing the Law or defending the person he represents against the enforcement of such Law including Legal documentation, advice vis-à-vis impacting knowledge of the Law. The term legal profession however is a relative concept with no universal acceptance. 
The Law or Legal Profession no doubt has gone through a systematic rise in terms of successes and also at a point in time started declining, which led some persons to leave   the Legal profession for other jobs, in order to be successful.
However, we have equally seen other members of the Legal Profession who made up their minds to attain success in this profession and ultimately, they became successful to the admiration of lots of people who were pessimistic about their success.
There are so many other services that a Legal practitioner can render to the society but for the purpose of our presentation, we are concerned with the one that has to do with the practice of Law by a Lawyer who has made up his or her mind to be successful in the chosen field of legal profession either in private or public service. The ultimate is to have a successful career which is a combination of so many issues and not only to be rich alone in terms of wealth[5]
In dealing with the issues relevant for this presentation, there are lots of advice which will make a Legal-practitioner to build a good career in the Legal practice. The advice shall be dealt with one after the other.
A Legal practitioner who wants to build a career in the Legal profession must make up his or her mind that he loves the profession.   It is not a question of being forced to be a Lawyer by your father, your mother or your Lover/wife or husband. The Legal-Practitioner on his or her own must be interested in the profession and it is your love for the profession, that will propel you to succeed regardless of any bottle-neck that may be encountered in the profession.[6]
A person who loves a lady or who loves a man go all out to succeed in wooing the man or lady at very great risk and concentration. A legal-practitioner who loves the profession would also be ready to go all out to succeed at very great risk and this determination is what a Legal-practitioner requires in order to build up a career in the Legal-profession.
In every given profession, you must be in love with the profession otherwise, there is bound to be failure.
There are however some situations, where a person just managed to find himself in the Legal Profession, he doesn’t like the profession but circumstances made him to become a legal practitioner. He has decided to opt-out of the Legal-profession. However, after several unfruitful years, he started doing well in court and other engagement, lots of commendationsare coming his ways, he then decides to continue to build his career in the Legal profession by working harder.
Therefore, whether the legal practitioner makes up his or her mind from the beginning of his career or later on in life, the bottom line is that there must be the determination to love the legal-profession in order to attain a successful career in the Legal-profession. This determination to love the Legal profession will definitely be supported by hard work.
The Legal practitioner process of building a career in the Legal Profession must be coupled with real hardwork because the legal profession is tasking and requires a lot researches, consultation of Law reports, statutes and Logical reasoning. Every Legal-practitioner must work hard and with dedication to duties in order to succeed. Please you don’t know all, ask question and you will get direction.
The truth about it is that it is not easy going through a lot a statutes, case Laws and using Logic to interprete same to suit a particular case. The Legal-practitioner will also need to do a lot of pre-trial conferences with his or her clients before going for the case either a day or two days before the case takes place.
It is important to state that in the Legal-profession, there exists a lot of competitiveness and each Lawyer must be ready to standout among the best[7].
The Job of a Lawyer or legal Practitioner among others includes being an advocate, an adviser, and counselor especially as it concerns the clients he represents. The counseling in this regard also has to do with counseling the clients about legal options which are available to him, vis-à-vis representing such clients in both criminal and civil proceedings before any court of law.
To show the level of the hard work of a Lawyer, it is pertinent to state that on a daily basis, the duty of interpreting the Laws, rulings and regulations for individuals and businesses, is that of a Legal-practitioner. It is not out of tune with reality that administrative and managerial functions related to the practice of Law are handled[8]
It is however to be understood that stating that a legal-practitioner should work very hard does not mean that he should not have time for himself. This is certainly not the meaning of working very hard. What it meant is that you should devise means when you take your work as priority and when to relax or be involved in one form of recreational activities or the other[9]
A lawyer can decide to play golf, football, Lawn tennis, table tennis, while others such as my humble-self enjoy watching football, such as Arsenal matches and some Nigeria League matches.
It is therefore incumbent on the Legal-practitioner not to be lazy but work hard to attain success. The reason for saying this is that we should remember that even while we were in primary, secondary schools, including the university, some of our colleagues, whatever is said in the classroom, lecture rooms and other places of learning is enough for them to understand the topic, while others have to read and read all over again before they can understand, it is necessary to be careful of thinking that without hard work, success can be attained. If the success to be attained as defined as “being rich alone, then, the definition is too fundamentally narrow and it may not be the basis of our discussion. The basis of our discussion is that ultimately, working hard, will eventually pay off, even if it does not, from the beginning.
I can specifically state that working hard eventually paid off for me because, while I was in the office of the Erudite Learned Senior Advocate, E.C Ukala, SAN, at 42, Aggrey Road in Port Harcourt, Rivers State as a Junior Counsel, we worked very hard to the extent that until he close for the day, I do not close, I go through those files we have for the week and do researches on new rules, statutes and even case Laws. Eventually when I left, it has become part of my character to work hard because, the man I worked with, is a hard working man, known to most Lawyers in Nigeria and even internationally, but you need a good mentor.
The Legal-practitioner requires a good Mentor or mentors. Mentoring has been defined as a process of informal transmission of knowledge, social capital, and the psychosocial support perceived by the recipient as relevant to work, career, or professional development. Furthermore, mentoring has to do with informal communication, usually face-face and during a contineous period of time.[10]
Mentorhas been further defined as a person with experience in a job who supports and advise someone with less experience to help them develop in their work. The mentors act as a business mentor to many young Lawyers in this regards even to many senior Lawyers as the case may be.[11]
The Legal practitioner must admire and appreciate certain experience and most probably an old Lawyer, whether in the place where he works or outside the place of his work. The mentor would certainly share his life experience and ideas of practice of law with you. Once you have a good mentor, build a good relationship with him and he would always be there for you to resolve most of your problems. There is the possibility of even the mentor referring new client to you. The mere fact that you choose a senior Lawyer as your mentor make him to always be ready to assist you.
It is however very important to warn Legal practitioners that because you have choosen someone as your Mentor, all the burdens of your life must be solved by him. Once you start to place your burden on him, he will likely stop mentoring you and it may affect the possibility of your building a successful career in the Legal-practice. Allow your Mentor to be the one to be willing to assist you and not to disturb him to do so. You must remember that he has his own problems too, including financial problems but solving your problems which has to do with his experience and guide will not disturb him[12]
The choice of mentorship should however be carefully done, because if you choose someone as your mentor just because he is old and rich alone, he may not be able to guide you to a successful legal career because, it has been said that some “charge and bail Lawyer” are very rich but can you describe them as “really being successfully in the Legal-profession”? The answer to my mind is a capital No”
Therefore, in choosing a good mentor, it is important to look at the characteristics of a good Mentor which are as follows;
i.      A person who is willing to share his skills, knowledge and expertise.
ii.     A person with positive attitude and acts as a positive role model
iii.    A person who takes a personal interest in mentoring relationship.
iv.    A person who exhibits enthusiasm in the field of Law/Legal profession.
v.     A person who value on going learning and growth in field of Law/Legal Profession.
vi.    A person who provides guidance and constructive feedback.
vii.   A person who is respected by colleagues and employees in all levels of the organization.
viii.  A person who sets and meet on going personal and professional goals [13]
It is important to state that as a “MENTEE” there should be no limit to the number of mentors you should have except where you feel that one is enough. Even if you are not thought by your Mentor to dress well, you need to do so.
The members of the public have already presumed that as a Legal Practitioner, you are neat, and smart whether in your professional outfit or even when your are wearing your personal attires. Because of this, they see you as a true Lawyer that can be related with and even trusted to handle their affairs.
The above presumption can however be rebutted when a Lawyer is not properly dressed, the members of the public are afraid to brief him to handle their cases. They are not happy when their opponent lawyer is properly dressed and their own Lawyer is shabbily dressed.
It is also not in doubt that an improperly dressed legal practitioner can be embarrassed in Court by Judges or by some Senior Lawyers in the presence of their clients which may culminate into the Legal Practitioner loosing such brief as the client may decide to withdraw his file from such a lawyer.[14]Even the FCT high court has to come out with a dress code for lawyers appearing in court [15]where it was stated that “it is imperative for Legal Practitioners to dress appropriately in a manner that promotes respect for the Legal Profession as well as enhance the dignity of Nigerian Courts. It is against this backdrop that the Honourable Chief Judge of the Federal Capital Territory, Honourable Justice I U. Bello view with great concern, increasing cases of improper dressing by Lawyers appearing before the Court in recent times”.
No wonder, the Learned Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Yusuf Ali, SAN stated on this issue againwith respect to the need for Legal Practitioners dressing appropriately;
“Whether we like it or not, people judge us by the way we dress. Our sartorial image is the packaging of our personal brand. Do you always wear what you have always done, instead of thinking about client, their expectations, the environment and the objectives from your meeting? Sometimes, a sharp business-casual look is more appropriate than a suited and booted look for example. How you present yourself says a lot to others about how you feel about yourself, so if you think you are slick and city –confident, look the part consistently. Oh and remember, shoes always get noticed. Your shirts, cuff-links, tie, hairdo or haircut, your mien and so on, add to your personality. Please resist the temptation to wear shredded jeans and T-shirts to a meeting with a new client, especially, corporate clients.”[16]
Also, Honourable Justice L.H Gumi, Chief Judge Rtd stated that it is necessary for a Legal-practitioner to be decently dressed and not to dress in an abnormal indecent or unbearable way[17]
It is our submission that for a successful Legal practitioner to cap his success, his dressing must not only be neat but must be decent to the society, the Judge and fellow Lawyers that must relate with him.
We thereby agree entirely with both Yusuf O. Ali SAN and Hon. Justice Gumi, Chief Judge retired that it is not just an advice to say that a Legal-Practitioner should dress well, it is mandatory that the Legal Practitioner must dress well and be neat at all time. It is even professional misconduct to be dirty and not to dress well. Dressing well need to be supported by professional ethics which are numerous.
A Legal Practitioner who crave for success in the Legal profession must not only imbibe the ethics of the Legal profession, he must be well grounded in the ethics of the Legal Profession.
It is a fact that all the Lawyers who have been called to the Bar have learnt in one way or the other, the rules of our professional conduct, legal ethics or professional ethics whichever way it is called.
It is incumbent that every legal practitioner must exhibit the best ethical conduct which, no other professional could exhibit in accordance with the rules of professional conduct for Legal practitioner [18]
It is important to state that most Lawyers as soon as they are successful from Law school and are called to Bar, do not go through the rules any longer and when they breach this rules, they are petitioned to the disciplinary committee, the Lawyer who aspired to succeed in the Legal profession finds himself in the following situations;
i.      The name being struck off the roll as a Legal practitioner or;
ii.     He is being suspended for a period of time or
iii.    He is given other punishment in addition to the above which could involve being referredto the Law enforcement agencies for prosecution.
It is therefore important to study the “rules of professional conduct for legal practitioner which are summarized as follows;[19]
i.      Rules 1-13, covers “practice as a Legal-practitioner”
ii.     Rules 14-25 covers the relationship of legal-practitioner with clients
iii.    Rules 26-29 covers the relationship of the Legal practitioner with the other Lawyers
iv.    Rules 30-38 covers the relationship of the Legal practitioner with the court
v.     Rules 39-47 covers improper attraction of Business
vi.    Rules 48-54 covers remuneration and fees
vii.   Rules 55-57 covers Miscellaneous matters such as, enforcement of the rules, interpretation and citation.
It is part of the rules mentioned above that a legal-practitioner should use decent language in even attacking the judgment of the court where you are going on appeal. In the case of MENA KAYA VS MENAKAYA (1996) 9 NWLR (PART 472) pages 256 at pages 304-305 Paras G-D Ratio 29 Hon. Justice Niki Tobi JCA (as he then was) now of blessed memory stated;
“The Language that I detest is “so called Judgment.” The Language is not only rude to the Learned Trial Judge but also to this court and indeed to any Court for Law. Court of Law in any civilized jurisprudence operating the adversary system such as ours are used to same traditional decent appellate language to the following effect;
The learned trial judge erred in law
The Learned trial Judge misconceived the Law.
The Learned Trial Judge Misdirected himself on the Law
The Learned Trial Judge misdirected himself on the facts”.
1.     The apparent authority with which a counsel is clothed when he appears to conduct a case is to do everything which in the exercise of his discretion, he may think best for the interest of his client in the conduct of his case and if, within the limits of these apparent authority, he enters into an agreement with the opposite counsel as to the case on every principle, the agreement would hold binding.
2.     Where the counsel is in control of the conduct of a case his authority extends, when not expressly limited to the action and all matters incidental to it and to the conduct of the trial to its finality, in what in his opinion is in the best interest of his client
3.     A counsel’s authority at the trial of a case extends to the action and all matters which are incidental to the action. However, the authoritycould be expressly limited by the client and where there is such limitation, the counsel’s authority ceases to be pervasive.
4.     Itis within the general authority of counsel retained  to conduct a case to consent to the withdrawal of the case and a compromise is within his apparent authority and building on client notwithstanding, the Client may have dissented, unless the descent was brought to the notice of the opposite party at the time. We refer to;
(c)    IGWESI VS ATU [22]
With good professional ethics, the choice of friends will assist in all the progression stages of the legal profession.
It is necessary for a Legal-practitioner to choose among Legal-Practitioners who to be his major friends and not every Legal-Practitioners that should be his friends. Wrong friends will never discuss how to excel in the Legal-Profession. He will only be discussing the issue of how you will enjoy from the social circle.
The adage is usually, “tell me who are your friends and I will tell you who you are”. There are lot of friends that once you are in need of a particular authority, they are always there to assist you, the latest authority will always be sent to you, while you will always have meaningful discussions on how to succeed in the Legal-Profession.[25]
It is important that in choosing your friends, you are likely to avoid ethical challenges and economic challenges especially the young lawyers which I had cause to talk about in an earlier paper I presented.[26]In most instances, it is from friends, you learn to be technologically driven.
It is incumbent that a lawyer should try to be computer literate in order to advance in the Legal Profession. Most Legal matters are done through the internet now especially in terms of filing and documentations even the supreme court has announced that filing of process has to be done through the internet now and not through the usual filing of processes. Legal E-mails were accordingly provided. There a lots of platform on the social media you can join which will be beneficial to you as a lawyer. Since technology is part of knowledge and a further knowledge, other additional studies are important.
It is important that the Legal-Practitioner if he cannot continue educationally to further his or her study in LL.M and Ph.D, should try to attend additional law courses or the Continue Legal Education (CLE) recognized by the N.B.A, furthermore, it is important to attend national and Bar conference or conferences. It is necessary that a lawyer who knows that he loves the profession and has advanced in his study should determine to be a Senior Advocate.
It is not in doubt that except there is pretence; no legal practitioner would not want to become a senior advocate of Nigeria. However, if a Legal-Practitioner want to succeed in the Legal-Profession his or her aim should be how to become a Senior Advocate of Nigeria. [27]This does not mean that aspiration immediately amount to reality but it is a move towards reality. The conditions stipulated for a Legal-Practitioner to become a Senior Advocate of Nigeria is tasking and such aspiring legal practitioner must not be found wanting ethically and in practice of law, it is a good yardstick in propelling a Legal –Practitioner to succeed in the legal profession. This is because, there are certain number of cases you must have conducted at the High Court, 20 cases, Court of Appeal, 5 cases and Supreme Court is 4 cases, however the privileges committee has certain number of persons to be awarded the rank from the academics every year also. Where the Supreme Court, cases are conducted from the high court to Supreme Court, only 3 cases are required. This must be contested case.[28]The candidate must posses some of this attributes and achievements among other criterias;[29]
i.      Not less than 10 years post call.
ii.     Must be of good character and must not have any pending disciplinary case or complaint relating to professional misconduct.
iii.    There must be no bad behavior either in or out of the court.
iv.    There must be no indulgence in drug, alcoholic or other substance causing moral depravity or anti-social behavior.
v.     There must be no breach of legal trust, no self praising or advertisement.
vi.    There must be sound knowledge of the law.
vii.   There must be contribution to the development of the law.
viii.  He must demonstrate clear qualities of leadership and loyalty to the legal profession. He must pay all this practicing fees and membership dues for the past 10 years before applying for silk. Income tax evidence should also be presented.
xi.    There must be not less than three (3) pro-bono cases conducted.
x.     A candidate who is not the owner of his chambers, should be a partner in another chambers with evidence of such. There must be good library, conference room and good books and statutes.
For the academics[30] 15 copies of published books, by reputable publisher, candidate must show substantial contributions to teaching, research and published works in Nigerian university and other institutions, evidence of supervision of students, mentorship, and leadership quality. References from 3 professors of not less than 10 years as professors resident in Nigeria, practicing fees and Bardues for 5 years 
We have been able to show that for a legal practitioner to attain success in the Legal profession there is the need to love the profession first of all, in order to have self-satisfaction among other necessary criterias.
Also, we discussed the issue of inculcating the spirit of hardwork. A. Lazy Legal Practitioner may not be able to cope with the tasking jobs in the Legal profession.
There is also the need for a legal practitioner to choose his mentor or mentors who would guide him through successes in the legal profession.
We also discussed the need to dress properly and decently in order to project the image of the Legal profession in the right direction. Itis unprofessional for a Legal-practitioner to be dirty and to look hargard.
There is the need for a Legal Practitioners to be guided by the rules of professional conduct and to also inculcate perfect professional discipline. These can be properly done by going through the rules which most Legal Practitioner don’t go through.
It must be under stood that most of our discussion in this work are more or less recommendations to Lawyers on their own, except those areas where we critically analysed the issue.
We therefore, once again recommend strict adherence to all our suggestions in order to achieve success in the Legal-profession
Notwithstanding what we have said in the two paragraphs above, we accordingly recommend as follows;
i.      There should be more seminars such as this one, we are in, to be organized by Most NBA Branches across the country.
ii.     There should be more articles in journals to discuss the present topic with the Journals focusing on this topic solely.
iii.    There should be more researches on this issue where Lawyers especially young Lawyers will be given form to fill in order to have a feed back about the progress and their ambition and problem in order to achieve success in the Legal profession.
iv.    Believe in yourself that you can make it, that you can be a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN) and be determined from today to be one, because, the best dedication to duty, best character and all excellent ethical practicesare expected from a SAN, and once you have all this attributes even if you are not a SAN yet, you can be said to be successful in the Legal Profession.
v.     Lawyers especially Young Lawyers should mount on our Judges who pressure lawyers before were whether legally or administratively or through other lawful means to stop getting us out of business when they make judicial pronouncement, such as a lawyer can’t sell house, SAN must reduce the number of Lawyers, he comes to court with, don’t use the name Barrister while even some governors in Nigeria are using same. If we don’t do so, one day, you will find out, that there may be a pronouncement that Legal documentations can be done by anyone, after all, its not even compulsory for a man to take a Lawyer to do a case from the Magistrate court up to the Supreme Court. The Nigerian Bar Association (N.B.A) must be alife to its responsibilities and not to collect dues yearly alone. After all, the Judges themselves are our fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers, if we are out of business, and we don’t build a career in the Legal profession, can they be happy even in retirement? If they don’t assist us now, we that are here should do it later in life and posterity will judge.
The conclusion, we can authoritatively say that the Legal profession is a dignified one, a respected profession and because it is the first and best profession in the world, there are so many guidelines and suggestions vis-à-vis steps to be taken for Legal Practitioner to achieve success in the Legal profession. The above suggestions/recommendations will go a long way to assist Legal practitioners to achieve success in the profession   
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